Casino Dealers

Not Gamblers But Casino Dealers For A Change
Smoking and drinking are generally looked at as a harmful act and threat to the physical and mental health of a person.For more info click here Governments of all the countries have tried bringing in laws to ban these but even then there has been no complete stopping on this. More than the health factor, people feel that it is a mode of stress buster and this when continued for an extended period, becomes a habit. People get addicted to such habits and it becomes so very uncontrollable that they are unable to be without it even a single day. In western countries, people used to consume alcohol or beer because of the extreme climatic conditions there. When there is heavy winter, people used to go for this to keep their body warm and this even the females took for the same purpose. But slowly this became a habit and started spreading everywhere.
We have bars and pubs encouraging people to drink and smoke; apart from these, it was also allowed in the casinos. Casinos are generally places for entertainment and fun and since these two habits come under the stress relieving modes, they were encouraged inside the casinos wherein people get to do this with their friends and colleagues. But understand that you cannot smoke or drink anywhere or everywhere at any time inside a casino. There are specific spots reserved for this purpose and is strictly banned in the gaming area. Casinos have been good in doing this at least which otherwise might have become worse. Imagine if players were allowed to drink or smoke everywhere, do you think you will be able to play peacefully without hussles? Definitely not, because when a person drinks, he tends to lose his control and goes to any extreme. So more than the gambling games, there would be wrestling games which are not good for the casinos as well as the gamblers.
Every time we take this topic of casinos and gambling we tend to talk only about the gamblers and the various games played inside a casino; but are these the only heads to be discussed often? Is there anything else or anybody else about whom we are to worry or discuss? Yes, of course, it is the casino's workers, bartenders and the dealers who are all time inside the casinos helping the players with their interest in playing the various games. Dealers are those who man and handle the game tables and try to keep the games and players under their command and control. Any decision regarding the victory or loss of a player is in what the dealer says and his or her words are considered final. This set-up is mainly to avoid the possible tiffs and fights between the players.
They see and feel the smokers and drinkers and unknowingly inhale all that harmful smoke and scent that pose a great threat to their health. All of us are aware of the fact that passive smoking is harmful and dangerous than active smoking. You might not be a smoker but still, you get affected by the harmful emissions from the cigars when you are inside a casino because you are also smoking obliviously. Smoking is not just that cigar in hand and puffing but also means the inhalation of that smoke which is what most of the population inside a casino do. Even without a cigar in hand, you will be categorized under the smoking cadre for you become an innocent smoker. This is what happens to the dealers and bartenders. They might not and are not supposed to smoke or drink while on work but they unintentionally do it from the others. Though it is said that such activities are restricted to specific spots, casinos can only control the gamblers but the smoke that is emitted from that area spreads all over putting the health of the other non-smokers also at stake.
These habits are strictly banned in the public places but people get to continue all these when they are in a closed enclosure like a casino. So this ban has in no way paved way for the abolition of such activities but is acting as only a temporary curtain on them with open avenues for practicing the same elsewhere.