Our Team

Casinos are run by a number of people. It is not just the casino owner but others too who make the smooth and continuous functioning of the casinos possible. For this, it is important that it has a number of people with different skills and talents to run the show inside. Now let`s see who these different people are to get a clarity.
Bartenders and the attendees – these people are specifically appointed to try and satisfy the various needs and demands of the gamblers. These people are seen in every corner of the casino shunting up and down with the sole intention of fulfilling the various, varied demands of the gamblers. When a gambler is at the game table, he might not be able to move away from that area for want of more coins or chips. In such cases. It is these bartenders who would help the gamblers with their requirements. They are also seen in the drinking areas supplying drinks to the customers. Generally, there is a maximum limit for consuming alcohol and these bartenders are required to subtly and politely intimate the gamblers regarding this if they cross the limit but are also required to oblige to their needs if the gamblers deny listening to them.
The casino employees who manage the money matters are the highly important and most responsible employees of a casino. It is money that speaks everything inside a casino and this being the most controversial matter, it is important for these money managers to be very careful and calculative in keeping a track of what comes in and what goes out of the casino. Almost every day the casino is generally the winner making huge profits and very rarely do the gamblers get a chance to win the jackpot.
Apart from these two groups, there are also people who man the gates, the smoking areas, parking lots etc and it is their co-operated work and actions that would bring profits and laurels to the casino.